Blood Orange Smoothie by The Tea Spot

Along with my awesome new teapot, I received a few awesome loose leaf tea samplers for Christmas. One of them was the Signature Tea Sampler from The Tea Spot, a 6-flavor sampler with something for every taste. Always ready to try something new when it comes to my tea, the Blood Orange Smoothie flavor immediately caught my eye. Roobios, orange, and apples? It sounded delicious!

Tea Spot Blood Orange Smoothie


Now, I’m not going to say fruit-flavored teas have been my favorite, particularly because the usual bagged store brands seem to be overpoweringly fruity, but my experience with loose leaf has been the complete opposite. They’re usually lightly flavored so that, well, it still tastes like you’re drinking tea, and this tasty tea is no exception.

Tea Spot Blood Orange Smoothie

In Blood Orange Smoothie, the citrus shines through, but it doesn’t overpower the rooibos, nor does it destroy the flavor of whatever you may be eating with it. Case in point, I just sipped it while eating a ham sandwich and chips, and earlier today it paired well with a couple of cookies. Of course, it helps that there is not a heavy fruity aftertaste, and the citrus isn’t like some, where you feel like you’re consuming some orange candy hybrid. It seems the vanilla helps with that, even though you barely know its there.

Tea Spot Blood Orange Smoothie

There are a couple of things that didn’t suit my fancy, however.

The smell is not the best. After brewing, the tea has a scent that’s hard to describe. The orange is there, yes, but it seems that one of the other ingredients, perhaps the rose petals, interacts to give it an odor like medicine–cough drops or cough syrup, maybe? The fragrance put me off at first, but I simply placed the tea in a travel mug, and as long as I couldn’t smell it strong, I enjoyed the flavor just fine.

I also recommend brewing it lighter at first. I love my black teas strong, which tends to bleed into my other steeping, but I quickly realized that I preferred this tea with a lighter flavor. Again, it may have to do with my history in fruity teas; however, I feel I would not have liked the tea so much if I was as heavy-handed as usual.

4 out of 5 stars

Try it yourself from The Tea Spot

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