Ease n’ Fit from Dollar Tea Club

Last Christmas my wonderful, best-ever-in-the-world sister subscribed me to Dollar Tea Club for the year. Needless to say, it was one of my favorite Christmas presents. I have to confession, however: Up until now, I haven’t tried many of my samples because I already have so much loose leaf. It’s a poor excuse, really. So, with Sunday being the first of April, I figured it was time to pick a flavor to heat up a cup before my next sampler arrived. My choice was Ease n’ Fit.

Ease n Fit Dollar Tea Club

The first thing that caught my eye was the word strawberry. I’ve loved other teas with strawberry flavors. Plus, I was in the middle of making a strawberry cream cheese cake, so it fit my cravings perfectly. It’s also a white tea, which I’ve been fond of lately, and the list of ingredients beyond strawberry slices includes apple pieces, sea buckthorn berries, beetroot, orange peel, melissa, marigold petals, and natural flavoring.

When I opened the pouch, the fruity smell hit me immediately. Real talk: The berry and orange made my mouth water, and I would so use this tea as potpourri, if only it didn’t make me both hungry and thirsty. Yes, it’s that good.

Ease n Fit Dollar Tea Club

When I first tried a Dollar Tea Club sample, I was surprised that the pouch contained a solid amount of tea. This one was no different. I bet you could get two cups out of one of these samples if you played your cards right.

Dollar Tea Club Bag
It almost fills up their disposable tea bags!

After microwaving water in my trusty, lazy Starbucks $1 cup, I let the tea steep for the prescribed 4 to 6 minutes, lid on. I was a bit disappointed when I finally opened it up, but it certainly wasn’t due to how it looked. Imagine a pink wine, or perhaps a lightly rose-colored paint. I’ve yet to have a tea that color, so I was curious, yet I was disappointed that the lovely smell from before faded to the extreme. Unlike other fruity teas I’ve had, the scent of the dry tea was not a hint of what was to come when steeped. It didn’t lure in my nostrils nor my taste buds.

Ease n Fit Dollar Tea Club

The taste, on the other hand, was good. There’s certainly a blend of the orange and berry on your tongue, and it leaves a nice aftertaste that reminds you of that scent when opening the package. It doesn’t have a robust flavor, but you don’t expect that in a white tea. In fact, if you’re looking for something with a decently light flavor, or you prefer your fruity teas light on the fruit, this is probably a great tea to try.

From my experience, avoid letting it get cold; it’s just not good with a chill, and I wouldn’t see myself trying it cold brewed. In addition, if you’re like me and like to leave your bag in the tea, I suggest that you don’t. As it gets to the bottom of the cup, it’s almost too overwhelming in that it loses the fruity hints and starts tasting more like the Dollar Tea Club herbal style label. Of course, if you like herbals, this might be a good thing. For me, it’s not.

4 out of 5 stars

Try it yourself from Dollar Tea Club

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