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Last weekend, I made homemade honey ginger tea for the first time. It was a last ditch effort to soothe the burning in my esophagus–ginger’s good for inflammation and stomach issues, didn’t you know?– and by golly, it worked! Thing is, I never realized how strong ginger tasted, and smelled, until I sliced it up myself. I’ll admit that it made me a bit weary when the tea was boiling, but I soon realized how much I really liked it…and that I shouldn’t have made a special trip to the store. Why, you ask? In my cupboard sat a forgotten Christmas gift: Organic Ginger Lemon Green tea from Heavenly Tea Leaves.

One of four flavors in my gifted sampler, the tea came in tin to keep it nice and fresh. Inside, the tea itself was sealed in an air-tight black bag. I had to be careful opening it, as it was easy to spill out while trying to pour it back into its small canister, but I appreciate the extra care for freshness.

Heavenly Tea Leaves Ginger Lemon Heavenly Tea Leaves Ginger Lemon

The individual canister is about an inch or so tall, and width-size (or radius, if we must be technical), it’s about the size of the bottom of a soda can, maybe a bit bigger. In total, the company states it holds about 20 servings of tea per can, and that seems about right.

There’s definitely a solid ginger smell when you open the tea, which is to be expected; if ginger’s anything, it’s potent to the nostrils. The lemon scent is there, but it’s more of a hint. In my case, that’s a good thing: Lemon is not my favorite thing unless it’s lemonade.

Heavenly Tea Leaves Ginger Lemon

I brought my tea to a boil then steeped for about 4 minutes. I also added a bit of honey to take some of the edge off of the ginger and lemon, but when I had a second cup, I realized I didn’t even need it.

The tea was exactly as you’d expect from ginger, but it wasn’t too much, and I probably could take a lesson from it next time I make homemade ginger tea. In fact, where I just used ginger and honey for a strong ginger flavor, this tea’s addition of lemon helped to balance it out. It didn’t even need sugar, whereas mine did to take off the edge.

All in all, I have nothing bad to say about it. There’s nothing special that makes you crave a cup, but it is a good blend of ginger tea.

4 out of 5 stars

Find it at Heavenly Tea

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