Review: My/Mo Mochi Green Tea Ice Cream

A while back, I was strolling down the ice cream aisle at the neighborhood Publix, and I saw something that stopped me dead in my tracks: tea-flavored ice cream. Now, I know from first-hand experience that tea and sweets go great together, so the purchase was a no-brainer. Here’s my confession, though: I brough it home and forgot all about it until I dug through the freezer tonight and saw the Green Tea My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream sitting in the back. Needless to say, it was a pleasant surprise.

my/mo Mochi Ice Cream

My/Mo Mochi desserts are basically balls of ice cream wrapped in mochi dough. The dough is thin and soft, and it’s made out of rice flour, and in the case of My/Mo’s product, a bit of wheat flour, too. The rest of the ingredients for both the ice cream and mochi are simple, such as milk, cream, sugar, water, and corn syrup, so there are no additives you cannot spell or ingredients you won’t recognize.

my/mo Mochi Ice Cream

When I first opened the package, I was pleased to see that the individual bites were a nice size, a bit bigger than a truffle. Each piece sits in its own plastic cubby, and along with the clear, plastic cover, this ensures that these soft treats do not get squished or stick together. Right off the bat, however, I was worried that there was no way to reseal the leftovers. It would have been better to include the egg-crate type holder while individually wrapping each item. Not a huge deal; I grabbed a ziplock.

my/mo Mochi Ice Cream my/mo Mochi Ice Cream









The directions on the box state to leave the ice cream out for a couple of minutes before eating, so I did. When I finally picked one up, I could see why: they get soft really quick, so they’re ready to eat right away. No, they’re not so soft you could crush them into a mess. It’s almost like when you let a cookie dough ball thaw out from freezing and the outside softens but the inside is still firm. Basically, the dough warms up, but the ice cream stays solid.

Even though the outside has a dusting of rice flour, I still had to lick it first. There really was no taste to be had there; after all, it was basically covered in flour. But that wasn’t surprising, nor was it disappointing, because the real taste came at first bite.

my/mo Mochi Ice Cream

Both the dough and the ice cream were so delicate that it was almost like eating a fresh pastry, but with ice cream in the middle. The dough itself has a light taste, and the green tea of the ice cream is gentle. I was expecting something more strong like matcha, but this is definitely far from it. The sweetness blends quite nicely with the green tea; however, it may be my expectations for a matcha-like hint, but it was richer than I’d hoped. This isn’t a bad thing in general, but I think it threw me off of the green tea flavor, in that I concentrated more on the sugary aspect than the tea.

Despite not being all I’d hoped, the verdict on My/Mo’s green tea treats is a thumbs up. Even someone who doesn’t like green tea could fall in love with these treats because the green tea is light and the sweetness is more overpowering. While it’s not something I’d eat all the time, it’s definitely something I’d enjoy once in a while and recommend to my tea-inspired friends.

4 out of 5 stars

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