Review: Teavana Paper Tea Filter Bags

There are a few different ways to steep your favorite loose leaf tea. I’m sure you have your favorites, as I certainly have mine, but sometimes you have to step outside of the box and see what works. In my case, I have family who digs my loose leaf stash, so I wanted something easy and disposable, and Teavana’s Paper Tea Filter Bags seemed to fit the bill.

teavana paper bags
Pictured: My first try of Twinings loose leaf. Stay tuned for the review.
  • 100-Count Box
  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to pack in a pocket or purse
  • Perfect size for an 8-oz coffee mug
  • Made from abaca pulp from a banana tree, cellulose, and sealing fibers

My first impression of the bags was good. There’s a good amount of space for however much tea you like; for instance, I usually make my first cup a bit stronger, then use the tea bag a second time. The bottom also has flaps on both sides, allowing the bag to stand on its own.

teavana paper bags teavana paper bags

After spooning your tea in, you can hold the bag by its flap and dip it right into your mug, resting the flap so the edge hangs over to the outside. It’s tough enough that it won’t tear if you’re the type that likes to repeatedly dip your bag instead of letting it sit. In fact, I was able to use a bag with a small thermos, even screwing on the lid with the flap hanging over the side.

teavana paper bags teavana paper bags

Really, the only problem I found with Teavana’s paper filter was that it soaks up your tea. This causes the flap to drip onto the table, at least until you’ve drunk enough that it dries out again.

teavana paper bags

Overall impression? Not bad. I love that I can fill a couple with tea, fold them up, and take them with me. They’re convenient when hosting friends and family, and the fact that they’re biodegradable is also a big plus. I don’t like the fact that the bags drip, especially when I’m using them in a thermos while out and about, but it’s not something I can’t work around. Besides, when Teavana has them on sale for $2.50, you can’t beat it.

4 out of 5 stars




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