Review: Vegan Rob’s Spinach & Matcha Kettle Chips

Last weekend I took a trip to TJ Maxx to browse their “food” section for something new and tasty. Yes, I know, it’s not the best place for snack browsing, but there aren’t many places to get different things in my town, so I have to take what I can get. Plus, sometimes you find oddball teas and sweet or salty snacks that turn out to be pretty darn good. This time I walked away with something to feed what would be my new matcha craze: Vegan Rob’s Spinach and Matcha Kettle Chips!

Vegan Bob's Spinach and Match Kettle Chips

This is why I always look at the clearance aisle! With a couple weeks until their “best by” date, these guys were $2.00, which isn’t bad when you’re expecting to spend a bit more for something out of the ordinary. I was also buying my first matcha powder that day, and I figured with matcha foods and desserts all the rage, this would help me get the full experience. The bag was still full of air and the chips didn’t feel crushed, so I thought, “why not?” If I didn’t like them, I could always give them to my matcha-loving sister.

Vegan Bob's Spinach and Match Kettle Chips

Nutritionally, they’re on par with other kettle chips I eat regularly. Besides the flavor combination, there is really nothing special to note here.

Vegan Bob's Spinach and Match Kettle Chips Vegan Bob's Spinach and Match Kettle Chips

After drinking–and loving!–my first ever cup of matcha, I was ready to dig in for more. I tore open the bag and took a sniff. Huh, I thought. That’s weird. They didn’t really smell like anything. I didn’t smell spinach, and I didn’t smell matcha, which to me smells a bit like cooked canned spinach anyway. I took out a few chips, and even up close, they just smelled like regular, plain chips. I was a little hesitant at this point, but I quickly found there was nothing to be worried about: they also tasted like plain, unsalted kettle chips.

I think I might’ve tasted a little sweetness, maybe a faint hint of matcha if I tried really hard, but that may have been my imagination. I really wanted to taste that flavor! However, I tried a few chips again the next day, and it was the same.

Who knows? Maybe I got a bad bag. Maybe the seasoner was out at the factory and they didn’t catch it. Maybe it all settled down to the bottom of the bag after a while so that not even a nice shake would pick it back up. Maybe the “best by” date is baloney. I don’t know.

In the end, they weren’t bad chips. For plain chips, they were actually pretty good! But matcha and spinach flavors? Nope. Needless to say, after waking the matcha monster in me, I was very disappointed.

1 out of 5 stars

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